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Stour Valley Lions - Support Request Application Form


Stour Valley Lions are a group of committed and dedicated volunteers who offer help and support to individuals, families, charities, and community organisations within the wider Stour Valley area.


If you are looking for support (financial or through us offering an extra pair of hands to help you), please complete and submit the form below.  We will be in touch with you shortly and our Welfare Committee will consider your request.

If you need help completing this form, please contact us. or  phone 07969868450

Section 1:  Your contact details

Section 2:  Your bid.  Please provide a description of your request by answering the following:

Section 3:  This section is for Organisations and Charities 

Section 4:   Finally...

Thank you for your application. We will be in touch with you shortly

We are a group of ordinary people doing some amazing things to try and find solutions to meet the needs of individuals and our local community.

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