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Making things

For as long as I can remember, I have made things.  From woodwork, to sewing to knitting to cooking, it doesn't matter.  I love creating things.

My aim is to not only showcase what I've made, but give hints to others on how to make similar - and better - things.  But that takes time away from making MORE things!


Sewing and knitting

I started sewing aged about 12 when my Mum (bless her) failed miserably in making my school summer dress.  The technicality of dressmaking never fails to entrance me and the newly discovered pleasure of engineering a bag has just enhanced that pleasure.


Patchwork, Quilting and Applique

I only came to this craft in 2013, but have worked at extending the skills beyond the making of quilts.  The arrival of grandchildren has extended the opportunities for more creative appliques.


3-dimensional stuff

From my youngest days when my Dad gave me a set of chisels and taught me to carve elephants; to making my own wooden platform shoes, to Evening Classes in woodwork... nothing is impossible!


Cooking and baking

I'm no cook and I'll never appear on Bake-off, but I do enjoy the challenge of a celebration cake or meal!

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