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For our Silver Wedding Anniversary, we went to Cairo and alongside seeing the fabulous sights, on the last day we experienced the most bizarre adventure into the desert. 


Everest. 2012

After retiring, we went on the holiday of a lifetime - a trek to Everest Basecamp.  It turned out to be everything we anticipated, and more!


I just want to be Good for Age.   2013

Not the story of my first marathon, but more the story of the first marathon race.  The London Good For Age time was my goal and this is how I went about it.


Three into one and GO!  2014

Taking up the challenge of having a go at a Triathlon lead to a one-off attempt.  Why?  read this and find out. 


To the marathon and beyond!  2014

My first venture into the land of the Ultra Marathon


The Yorkshire Day Challenge. 2015

What happens when you set out to run a 6 hour race, with no advance planning.  Here's what!


The long road to Blackpool Tower. 2016

With a goal to get an Orange Xempo vest (sub 3:45) I used the Pfitzinger and Douglas 55 miles a week, 18 week training plan, then ran 26.2 miles along Blackpool seafront in the rain and wind.... what could go wrong!


Running the Peak Ultra 30 miler.  2017

Nothing is better - or worse - than running a race with friends.  Add that I have moved away from them to a flat area and am trying to train for a very hilly Ultra and it makes for an interesting race!

I have a bad memory but I like writing - I think its a way of cementing all the thoughts and experiences for future times.


So really, my writings are for me alone - but I hope they may make interesting reading for other people too.  If not, then Im not really that worried!

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