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The Chapel Fudge Company

Makers of quality Scottish Butter Tablet


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We make Scottish Butter Tablet, similar to fudge but totally different, in a variety of traditional and less traditional flavours. Although similar in appearance, fudge and tablet are completely different products made with different ingredients, cooked in a different way, with different properties, texture and taste.
Flavours include Original, Sea Salt, Rum &Raisin and less usual flavours include Stem Ginger, Lavender, Roast Hazelnut, Cranberry, Coffee and others. Our tablet has No colours, No added flavours, No additives, No preservatives - Nothing artificial. I find I can’t make a first class product with second class ingredients, so you are getting a quality product made with just the best ingredients!

• No essences or flavourings
• No additives.
• No preservatives
• Nothing artificial.

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