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The Fondue Box

Fondue boxes delivered to your door


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The Fondue Box is a local business based in Whatcote and are delighted to bring to your doorstep all you need to enjoy a delicious original Swiss Cheese Fondue.
This includes specially sourced Swiss Fondue cheese, and Swiss herbs. In addition, the Fondue Caquelon and burner as well as Fondue plates and Fondue forks are provided.
We source all our products in Switzerland from small dairies selected by us personally.
Traditional Swiss Fondue cheese comes from the Alps. We know the quality of the products and have visited our suppliers to ensure we receive only the best.
Get ready for the autumn time and taste our authentic Swiss Fondue! Or just reserve a Fondue Box for 2, 4 or 6 people (delivered in October to your door)

My wife Sue and I launched The Fondue Box business in 2019 and are now planning to extend the reach of our business by working closely with well-established regional Cheese and Delicatessen owners who would become our exclusive Fondue Box partners!
Having lived for several years in Switzerland, we know what “taste the difference” means regarding the perfect fondue experience! Walt is of Swiss origin and Sue is British – a unique combination to bring the best of both worlds to your table.

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