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Mind Maps

Start by looking at the Mind Map below and see if you can answer the questions at the bottom. 

  1. What transport did I use on my holiday?

  2. The 1st day of my holiday was a special day, can you tell me what day it was?

  3. On day 2, where did I end up?

  4. What animal did I meet?

  5. On day 3, I went shopping in a small town.  What kitchen item did I buy?

  6. On day 4, I bought my son a present.  What was it?

  7. Where did I have dinner on day 4?

  8. On day 5, I visited a tourist attraction.  What was it and what animal did I see there?

  9. On day 6, what transport did I use and where did I sit?

  10. Can you tell me the type of restaurant where I had dinner on day 6? What did I have to eat?

  11. Day 7 was a special day in the year – what day?

  12. Where did I go on holiday and when?

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