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...How to Draw!...

Everything we look at can be drawn using these basic drawing skills

  1. Curved lines which are just lines that are not straight!

  2. Straight lines which are just curved lines with (almost) no curves!

  3. Angles which are made when lines meet

  4. Circles made when curved lines join to enclose a space

  5. Dots – a tiny circle, where the shape is too small to see, but you know there is something there!


The better we get at both SEEING and DRAWING these objects, the more pleased we will become with our finished art work.


There are two pictures you can download on Worksheet 1 - one is a drawing and the other is a photograph, for you to look at and find the 5 different drawing tools. 

Activity:  Now have a go at this photo.  You can download it (Worksheet 2) and draw over it, or you can try it on a sheet of tracing paper or just draw the lines on a sheet of plain paper.  If you are on the computer you can "hover" over the photo and see where I found the different drawing objects:


Once I'd found enough of the drawing objects to feel that I had drawn my picture, I coloured it in.  Hover over it and you can see what I did.

Have a go with your drawing.  You can add more detail now.... like windows and individual trees.

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